Mott Capital Creates On-Demand Content For Investors and The Media

Our goal is to provide readers a unique, bright, and concise way to understanding what is taking place in the financial markets. We thrive on battling the mainstream, with a different and individual standpoint. Unlike most research firms and media outlets, we use the market as a tool to help determine the future direction of the financial market or different companies, currencies, or commodities. We use tools such as fundamental, technical, and options market analysis, while also assessing the macroeconomic landscape. Pulling these resources together, along with our in-depth knowledge of trading and valuation, we can provide a very detailed point of view.

We can create content for individuals, institutions, and media outlets and provide the content in any number of formats, even in video, where we can show you the results and how we came to them. Rates vary depending on how much information you are seeking, but our first vertical starts at just $250.

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