Mott Capital’s Reading The Markets Subscription Services

Reading the Markets Subscriptions

Through a partnership with Seeking Alpha, Michael Kramer presents Reading the Markets. Michael uses many of the same principles found in the Monster Stock Market Commentary. However, in RTM he takes it a step further with more in-depth commentaries and Video’s segments for a better visual explanation.

When you sign-up for the service you get the first two weeks with the option to cancel before any payment is made.

2-Week Free Trial To Reading The Markets

Also through StockTwits, you can chat with Michael throughout the day to ask questions and get real-time chart updates from Michael with his thoughts and opinions.

2-Week Free Trial To Reading The Markets on StockTwits

Now you can track Michael’s free online content and see how he’s done:

For Hire:

If you would like to hire Michael Kramer to write original content for you or financial website you can hire him through Upwork. Michael has a 100% job approval and is a top-rated analyst and writer.  He specializes in writing on equities by analyzing earnings and revenue growth, present and historical valuations, as well as technical and options market analysis. He also has a keen insight for monetary policy and global economic trends around inflation, interest rates, and currencies.