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About Michael Kramer & Mott Capital Management:


About Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management. He has over 20 years of industry experience as an analyst, trader, and an investment manager. He earned his MS in Investment Management from Pace University and a Certificate in Risk Management from New York University.


His unique investment philosophy centers on seeking investment opportunities that are influenced by everyday life activities, and by observing new trends and products that are popular, or are trending towards popularity.


Additionally, Kramer runs the Mott Capital Management actively managed long-only Thematic Growth Portfolio. The strategy was developed in August of 2014. Further, Kramer is a premium author and creator of “Reading the Markets,” an exclusive offering on Seeking Alpha’s marketplace, which discusses trends and opportunities in the markets. He is also a regular writer and contributor for, analyzing stocks and news that is helpful for everyday investors.


Kramer began his career in high-risk trading environments, trading both US and International equities for US Trust and Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co. His trading skills coupled with his comprehensive, financial analysis of public companies, have given him a unique perspective on investing, which stands out from analysts who simply look at top-line numbers. Additionally, he pays particular attention to finding new generational themes and trends in society and devotes a significant part of his research to global macroeconomics and central bank policies that impact financial markets.

About Mott Capital

Mott Capital Management uses a long-term thematic growth approach to investing in public equities.  We search for investments that both reflect and help to shape generational and demographic shifts. Mott utilizes a philosophy of buying these companies for a 3 to 5-year time horizon, with the belief that a long-term holding period gives themes and our chosen companies a chance fully to develop.  The long time horizon also serves to mitigate the risk associated with the short-term impact of market volatility.


Typically, the portfolio is constructed with a focus on 4 to 5 themes.  Examples of themes vary and can range from the needs of aging populations to the shifting media landscape. With a 3-5 year investment outlook, we have the opportunity to develop a deep analytical understanding of each portfolio holding,  and in some case build a personal relationship with the company.


The overall portfolio is made up of 15 to 19 stocks, each receiving an approximately equal weighting of 5 percent, with an additional target cash balance of 5 percent.  We do not use leverage, short positions or options: we strictly hold long positions in equities.  In addition to using time to mitigate risk, we lever or de-lever the portfolio by increasing or decreasing the number of shares of each portfolio company to maintain consistency with our target range.


We typically invest in stocks that have market caps greater than $1 billion and are fully transferable.  We trade in stock listed on US exchanges only.


Finally, in cooperation with Jane King, CEO of Lilamax Media and former syndicated business news journalist for places like Bloomberg and CNN, Kramer recently launched the “Reading the Markets” video segment.




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