Investing In The Thematic Growth Portfolio

The Fundamental Difference

Mott Capital Management is a different kind of investment management firm. We began operations with a single theme that holds to this day – we wanted to be different from our hedge fund and mutual fund peers. But what are those differences and why invest with Mott? Investors come from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and needs. However, our clients choose us because they appreciate our:

  • Long-term objective thought process
  • Steady, low turnover portfolio
  • Experiences with the companies we invest in

A Lost Art

Mott Capital Management practices the lost art of buying and holding stocks. We buy companies because they are producing or providing a service that is unique in a growing segment. Additionally, we buy stocks with the intention of holding them for five years. This speaks to our confidence in the companies we invest in, as well as keeping trading fees to a minimum, which benefits the investor.


All of our accounts are held separately at an independent third-party custodian. We are not a mutual fund of hedge fund and do not pool money, which means there are no lock-up periods. It also means you can see, and have access to, all of your holdings, dividends, fees, and trades for your account. Finally, we only charge a management fee. This means no performance fees, no redemption fees, and no loads.

Portfolio Holding

Every account gets the same investment portfolio of equities and weightings. The portfolio has approximately 20 stocks. When buying or selling a stock, we do it for everyone across the board.


Opening an Account

Mott Capital Management services retail and institutional investors. Our model is not impacted by the size of an account.

  • We want to get to know you, to make sure we understand what you need and to make sure we fit that need. We also need to make sure you know what we do. We do this by taking our time, having a conversation, giving you materials to read and then follow up for questions.
  • The next step is to open an account with the custodian and fill out our paperwork.
  • Once the account has been approved by the custodian and is funded, we begin the investment process on your behalf.

What You Get

  • Our deep understanding of the markets and the stocks we own.
  • A monthly billing statement detailing fees for the month.
  • A quarterly statement from the custodian with your account details. If you wish to have information sooner, you can check your account on-line at any time.

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