Investing In The Mott Capital Thematic Growth Portfolio

The Mott Capital Thematic Growth portfolio is managed and created by Michael Kramer.

Thematic Growth

Investing In The Mott Capital Thematic Growth PortfolioMott Capital takes a long-term approach to investing with a 3 to 5-year time frame. We run a concentrated portfolio of only 15 to 19 stocks that we feel offer long-term growth opportunities. We find generational themes and the companies that are changing the way people go about daily life. Most of our ideas come from our own experiences and the lives of our families. It gives us the ability to invest in companies we truly understand and can also relate.

Buying and Selling

stock market s&p 500 rise 2018We take our time adding stocks to the portfolio, searching for companies we feel are revolutionizing an industry or our lifestyle. We sell positions when we think there is no more growth left, or the story has materially changed from our initial investment thesis. If the theme and the growth opportunities remain, we stay in positions, despite the gains or losses. Most of the portfolio today is the same as when it was first launched in August 2014.


We take a long-term approach because it can take years for a theme to play out and fully mature. Additionally, since we do not hedge or go short, the long-term outlook works to minimize short-term stock market volatility. We never use margin, and because of that, we can stay in positions for long periods without having to be worried about margin calls.

Our focus is not generating short-term profits, but rather long-term returns over a period of years.

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