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Netflix Monster First Quarter Earnings Preview- A Complete Breakdown

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Netflix Monster First Quarter Earnings Preview- A Complete Breakdown

Netflix will be the headliner this week when it comes to earnings. As I mentioned in the write-up last week, Google trends have been showing strong international interest. Cities like Mumbai and New Delhi are seeing significant search interest, while city-state Singapore is also up there over the past year.

(Google Trends)

It is a trend that has continued over the past quarter as well.

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Options are pricing in a massive amount of volatility after results. Look at the implied volatility term structure, with a reading near 90! Huge!

The long staddle option strategy is pricing in a rise or fall of nearly 10 percent for the $312.50 strike price, set to expire on April 20. Again a huge move. Keep in the S&P 500 has implied volatility term structure that is less than 14 percent! Netflix is nearly 90%.

Analyst Estimates

Analysts estimates are calling for earnings to climb by nearly 57 percent to $0.63 per share, while revenue is expected to jump by 40 percent to $3.69 billion. But the most critical metric’s will be those subscriber growth number and the outlook for net additions in the second quarter.

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Subscriber Growth

The company is guiding for 6.35 million net additions in the quarter, bringing the total subscribers to roughly 124 million. But I think it may take a much more significant beat to move the stock higher.  According to my projections, the company should report result roughly in-line with expectations.

(Mott Capital)

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Technical Breakout

The technical chart suggests shares could see a significant rise though, with a breakout occurring on Friday, and that could lead shares much higher, perhaps to new records post results.


So all that is left now is for the company to report those results.

Michael Kramer and Clients of Mott capital own shares of NFLX

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