Equities Forgot To Tell Bonds & Currencies To Be Scared

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The Bears struck hard today and took it right to the heart of the bulls and for the first time they caved. The bids dried up, and the Bears pressed,  and the Bulls folded like a paper cup. The amazing thing is that the rhetoric today was not that much different than yesterday, but the reaction was much deeper, with risk coming off the table, and the VIX surge to over 16. While Bond and the Dollar hardly moved, and a Japan that is flat to this point.

So was just a run of the mill 2 percent sell-off like the ones we have been getting since the beginning of June? Or is this something different? Today’s sell-off resemblance to the previous sell-offs, but was blamed on rising geopolitical tensions. Someone forget to tell the Bonds and Currency market because yields hardly moved, while the Dollar which has been on the brink of a major sell-off didn’t crack or strengthen. A typical flight to safety fear trade involves the buying of safe-haven assets, bonds, the Dollar, and Gold!
^DXY Chart

^DXY data by YCharts

Gold hardly moved too, up only nine bucks to $1286. Maybe everyone was moving into Bitcoin? Nope….

bitcoin by Scorpio244 on TradingView.com

If this was truly a North Korea rising tension sell-off why did the safe haven asset hardly move?


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So take a look at the Intraday chart of the FAANG’s, notice any similiarities? Beside the fact they look identical?
FB Price Chart

FB Price data by YCharts

Now we can add in Tesla and JP Morgan,  not quite the same.

AMZN Price Chart

AMZN Price data by YCharts

If this was a genuine risk off trade, why was Tesla just not drilled today? It could leave one to believe that once again we had the machines driving prices lower like we have seen before.

The Yen did strengthen today moving lower to around 109.

Asia – Japan, Hong Kong, & South Korea

If you want to know how much the tension are rising just watch the Asian markets; Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea, those are the markets most likely to be affect by any actions, and those are the markets that are going to move.

Japan by Scorpio244 on TradingView.com


Hong Kong by Scorpio244 on TradingView.com

…and most of all the Japanese 10 year BOND, which has hardly moved to this point.

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