Stocks Crumble as Leadership From Apple, Netflix, Amazon Fails

Stocks Crumble as Leadership From Apple, Netflix, Amazon Fails

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S&P 500

Stocks attempted to mount a comeback today, but by days end much of it had fizzled. The S&P 500 failed at resistance around 2,670 and then managed to retrace most of the morning’s rise, filling the gap from the opening.

spx, sp500


I noted this today during the StockTwits Daily Q&A session that the same thing was happening in the NASDAQ. But unlike the S&P, the NASDAQ managed not to retrace and held most of its gains, despite failing at resistance.



The same is true of the XLK technology ETF.


It was not the making of a strong rally; it was a feeble attempt.  I knew it was weak because the market leaders never even participated.

Apple (AAPL)

Apple failed at resistance around $180 early in the day.

apple, aapl

Netflix (NFLX)

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Netflix failed to stay above $270.

netflix, nflx

Nvidia (NVDA)

Nvidia failed when it got close to resistance around $160. Although I would no longer consider Nvidia, a market leader. Certainly not after last week.

nvda, nvidia

Amazon (AMZN)

Amazon didn’t put on a good show either today, despite staying above $1,500.

amazon, amzn

Interestingly the two worst performing groups today were staples and healthcare. We can begin to ask if there is a bit of a rotation out of these two safe havens and back into select beaten down groups? Perhaps, but one day does make a trend, let’s see what happen next week.

Reader Mailbag


A reader asked me to take a look at Celgene. All I can say it is a disaster and I can’t believe how far this stock has fallen. The stock did hit crucial support at $66.90 and had held firm thus far.  Perhaps the RSI is starting to turn higher.  Should support at $67 fail, the next level is around $55. If the stock can rise above $74, then perhaps there a chance for a rise to $86.50. More then the chart the company needs to spark investors hope they can continue to diversify their revenue streams away from Revlimid. The pipeline is deep, and the company has many partnerships, but again there needs to be a catalyst.



Another reader asked me about hedging. I’d have to admit I don’t hedge my portfolio. However, I can afford to do that because I do not use margin, and I only buy things I expect to hold for many years. So when I get bearish on the market, I reduce the size of my portfolio and raise cash.

The easiest way to hedge may be to buy a put for the stock or short an ETF. But again, this isn’t something I really do.

That is it! Happy Thanksgiving.


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