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Biotech and Technology Stocks To Watch Amid A Sector Breakout And More

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Biotech and Technology Stocks To Watch Amid A Sector Breakout And More

The stock market has felt like it has gone nowhere, and seems to have lost its sense of direction. It feels as though a tweet can send the market reeling lower, or soaring higher. But with all the ups and down, the S&P 500 stands today at the same place it stood on February 16, around 2,735 give or take a few points on either side. It has certainly felt more exhausting.

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Biotech Stocks

The biotech’s today performed better than I had anticipated, with the NASDAQ Biotech ETF ($IBB) closing at $112.62. The chart shows a hint of testing support at $111.50 on two occasions during the day, and it held. A positive for sure, and it makes today’s price action look more like a breakout now.

When looking at the breakdown of the ETF, the buying was well-distributed among the group. Nektar led the group higher; it figures Nektar would, I wrote an article the other day, saying it was due for a pullback.


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Nektar has all the signs of a stock looking like it was set to pullback, an RSI trending lower, while the stock is reaching new highs and waning volume. But to this point, the market has decided to prove me wrong.

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Alnylam, despite rising today, still looks weak on the charts. The stock is trending lower, along with the RSI trending lower.


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Incyte looks like one that is on the verge of breaking out and should it rise above $93; it would signal a breakout, giving the stock the potential to increase to $102.


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I have owned Alkermes for years, and suddenly the stock is starting to show signs of life, with a bit more volatility. I’m not sure how much of Alkermes’ rise has to do with the connection the market has given it to Nektar, because of their immuno-oncology drug candidates, or if it has to do with the government focus on the opioid crisis. Alkermes makes Vivitrol, an injectable 30-day drug for opiate addiction. Vivitrol has a tiny market share that has been steadily growing. But Alkermes also has a lot on its plate in 2018 from its pipeline, with its depression candidate ‘5461 and a pending FDA approval. Head to head trial result on what was ALKS ‘8700 vs. Tecfidera in MS. ALKS ‘8700 was recently renamed after Alkermes signed a licensing deal with Biogen. Plus data on ALKS ‘3831 a drug for schizophrenia. With all these catalysts its is hard to decide what is driving price now, but my gut says the connection is with Nektar still.


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The Technology ETF ($XLK) closed at $69.25, and it is nearing a breakout as well, which would be nice, even though I recently wrote a piece warning of a potential double top formation. It is nice being wrong twice for sure, but hey I’m not perfect either.



Activision continues to climb, and there has been very little that has seemed to slow the stock down since the start of the new year. In this case, it looks as though the trend is your friend.


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A name we haven’t mentioned in a while Nvidia has stalled since its quarterly results, which is surprising. But the chart has this negative look to it with that downtrend that has formed in recent weeks. It may be worth watching Nvidia, and seeing how it continues to trend before making a call on it.


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Did you notice Costco’s results? The part I’m most interested in is the e-commerce growth. I have personally never liked shopping in Costco, especially where I live in Long Island, it is crazy in the store, and the parking lots is a disaster, with people fighting over spots. But I have started using their e-commerce product a bit. Now with Costco groceries through Instacart, I have become a big fan of Costco, because I can all the good deals without having to step foot in the store.

In the quarter Costco reported e-commerce sales of about $1.5 billion, which isn’t much, I know, but it was still 4.8 percent of total revenue, which came to $32.998 billion. The Instacart part of the business is new, so I would love to see what the growth is next quarter in this part of the company.

By the way, this was the Costco where I live at checkout on a Sunday morning at 11 am, back in December.



By the way, Instacart isn’t a public company, but if you go to the website, you can see what stores are associated with Instacart in your neighborhood, I like the service a lot. A personal shopper goes to the store to pick up your items that your order online, and through the app, you can chat with them, and they will send you pictures of the items, or let you know if the store is out of an item, and the replacement options. Very cool.

Ok, that is all, until tomorrow.

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