Breaking Down Acadia Results, Another Look A Roku

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Breaking Down Acadia Results, Another Look A Roku

The market roller coaster ride continues, with the S&P 500 giving back the better part of yesterday gains falling by 1.25 percent, and closing right at a prior support level of 2746. It didn’t take long for inflation jitters to return to the market either, on Jay Powell’s testimony before Congress.

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S&P 500

10-year Treasury yield moved up slightly, closing around 2.91, but did not eclipse the previous highs.

10-year yield

The Dollar index rallied back to 90.50.


Nothing today that happened in the market seemed overly concerning in my opinion, and while yields were up slightly the movement was nothing to get excited about and the same could be said of the dollar.

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Roku’s borrow rate continues to surge, and today it was a negative 53 percent. That is a considerable borrow rate, and it is likely short-seller are continuing to increase their position in the stock.

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Acadia reported results after the bell and the revenue numbers for the quarter were a bit light, and it was disappointing to see them miss. The guidance for the first quarter was also a bit below consensus, but the full-year guidance of $255 to $270 million was well above the range. Sequentially, the revenue numbers increased by 21 percent, but at this point, it seems to be getting a bit cloudy as to how much of this growth is coming from volume uptake, and how much is coming from price increases.

But the growth rates have been pretty linear to this point, and if growth continues at this pace, the guidance the company provided for 2018, seems relatively achievable. We’ll have to see how the stock reacts in the morning during regular trading. After hours volume was only 90,000 shares, which is a minimal amount volume.

I did listen to the call, and I picked up on a few interesting comments, but I want to reread it when it becomes available, to see if I walk away with the same impression.

That is gonna be it for today, sorry to cut it short, but it has been a busy day, and I’m wiped out.

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