False Alarm, Stocks Midday Plunge Prove To Be Just A Mild Overreaction
Stocks fell by a stunning 1% intra-day =), yes stocks can fall, proving to be nothing more than an unnecessary fire drill.

False Alarm, Stocks Midday Plunge Prove To Be Just A Mild Overreaction

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FEBRUARY 20, 2020



Michael Kramer still owns SPY Calls

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Markets in turmoil, the next correction is coming, the end of days are upon us. The markets plunged by a whole 1% briefly around lunchtime, and the media was in full hysteria mode. My goodness. What a joke. It’s the “coronavirus reality setting in,” “no, its the stretch valuations that are finally cracking,” “oh-wait, pick-me, I know, I know, its the end of the momentum train.” Holy Shit! You know what I did it – yeah, I turned it off. 

The charts don’t lie, and when you look at the intraday charts of nearly every signal sector ETF, they seem to tell the same story. A story of a giant sell program that hit the market, with a massive basket of stocks to sell. Today’s sell-off was so severe 😛 that the S&P 500 managed to finish the day down a whole 38 basis points. Do stocks go down, yes. Is every brief 1% dip the start of the next correction, or the air hissing out of the bubble, no. 

Members were given an epic rant by me this afternoon, of what a joke some of this has become.  Premium content – RED ALERT- STOCKS CAN ACTUALLY GO DOWN

You can see that the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100, and a whole bunch of sectors went down in nearly perfect unison. It wasn’t a slow, steady push lower, with one industry leading the way, they all went down simultaneous as if a giant basket of stocks hit the market. 

Not to mention there was no solid piece of news to even tie the move lower to.

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It didn’t have the marking of reversal of trend or anything because, by the end of the day, most stocks rebounded, closing mildly lower. 

S&P 500 (SPY)

We can see the S&P 500 held the uptrend nicely; nothing has changed in my opinion, nothing. Today I laid my new target for the S&P 500 for members: The Road To S&P 500 3,700, Yes I’ve Increased My Target

S&p 500, spx


AMD fell today, and I think it still has further to drop. Although, I did identify a mild level of support at $54.61.


Acadia (ACAD)

Acadia was down sharply but found support at $43.40, and it held. The trend remains higher.


Amazon (AMZN)

Amazon held support, and that is all that matter, nothing changes here I think the stock still goes up.

amazon, amzn

Alibaba (BABA)

I have several concerns about Alibaba now. The stock broke support at $220 and fell below the uptrend. The stock needs to snap back and fast; otherwise, down it goes.

baba, alibaba

Anyway, have a great night, and don’t let the bed bugs bite!


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