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Netflix Subscriber Growth and Tesla Model 3 Ramp May Be Accelerating

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Netflix Subscriber Growth and Tesla Model 3 Ramp May Be Accelerating

Attention will soon be turning towards Netflix, which is expected to report results on Monday, April 16. Analysts are looking earnings to climb by nearly 56 percent for the quarter, while revenue is expected to rise by almost 40 percent, versus last year.

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Netflix Subscriber Growth

When it comes to subscribers, the company is guiding for 123.93 million, making for net adds of 6.35 million. When using Google trends, and Netflix subscriptions as a search term, we find that search term has been trend higher in recent weeks. Although it is not nearly as high as around Christmas, the trend is noticeable moving higher, and the keyword is much more widely search today, than a year ago.


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The biggest interest, to no surprise, is surging from overseas. India seems to be breaking out, according to the table from Google, and India is a potentially a huge market for Netflix.


The results will surely be important for Netflix when the company reports next Monday the on April 16.

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Tesla Model 3 production continues to ramp-up according to the latest number of VINS reports to NHTSA.

Interestingly on March 23, Tesla registered 2,655 VINS, and then a week later they registered 2,041 on March 30. In its delivery report, Tesla produced 2,020 Model 3 from March 26 through April 2 and noted it planned to build 2,000 more the following week. So perhaps the number of VINS registered each week serves as pretty good guide to what the weekly production rate is. Although not perfect, because Tesla does skip over VINS numbers.

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Tesla registered nearly 4,800 VINS on April 5 and quickly turned around and registered another 2,900 VINS on April 6. Has production climbed over 3,000 per week, over the past week? Not sure about that, but it would certainly be interest to see if Tesla comes back and registers more VINS next week, giving a sense of a trend. But regardless it would suggest that production is accerlating.

Another week of strong VIN registration may be enough to catch the bears attention, and for the short-sellers to really start sweating.

Well, get all our answers soon enough.


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