Reseach Products

Research reports have become ubiquitous with most sell-side firms producing reports on a daily basis. The main problem with these kinds of reports is they offer unoriginal viewpoints by analysts who cover too many companies.

Ultimately, analysts preparing the research can never learn one company well, thereby providing generic and often inferior research. Further, this dilutes the quality of the reports and leaves so many aspects of a particular investment undiscovered.

Mott Capital Management provides investors with customized research. We cover topics such as central bank rate policy, macroeconomics, equities, bond, foreign exchange, and commodity markets. We can also prepare “deep-dive” research reports customized for your needs on specific companies or sectors.

What makes us different? We leave no stone unturned in our research. We will look for information in places often ignored by other analysts, and we use a basic logic and common sense approach to everything we do. It allows us to think outside of the investment box and provide you with insight that is timely, relevant and actionable.

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