RTM: Geopolitical Risk To Blame For Dollar Sell-off? Really?

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Global Economic Recovery Case Continues To Strengthen

5 – Second Rundown:

Equity Markets are flat today holding up fairly well, given the latest distraction from the media and DC. The Dollar is weaker across the majors today, while the Ten-year is basically unchanged t 2.32 percent.


We can see the Dollar Index is weaker today. Supposedly, it is becuase of geopolitcal risk….
^DXY Chart

^DXY data by YCharts

…but treasury yield seem to not care much…
^TNX Chart

^TNX data by YCharts




S&P 500 could not care…
^SPX Chart

^SPX data by YCharts

I’m not sold the move in the Dollar really has to do with Geopolitical risk. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.