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Stocks Can't Decide Which Way They Want To Go, Maybe Small Caps Know
Stocks fell slightly on December 10 and seem to have lack of direction, but the small caps are signal more gains may lie ahead

Stocks Can’t Decide Which Way They Want To Go

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December 10, 2019


Macro – SPY, IWM

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S&P 500 (SPY) 

Stocks fell slightly today, dropping by 11 basis points. I’m not getting a clear sense of how to proceed at the moment. It feels like we may be in another holding pattern at this point. The market doesn’t want to fill the gap, and at the same time, the market doesn’t want to go up. So we can wait and see what tomorrow shall bring.

S&P 500, spy

Russell (IWM) 

Perhaps the Russell has a slightly better setup then the S&P. The chart seems to resemble a Flag pattern, and maybe that means that the index finally breaks above 1638 and pushes higher.

russell, rut

Acadia (ACAD) 

Acadia continued to fall today, for no reason that I know. It seems surprising given the strong news the company has had in recent weeks. The stock is back to the uptrend and has filled the gap for the most part at around $46. This is the area where the stock has to bounce. acad, acadia

Tesla (TSLA) 

Tesla is turning higher, and it is working towards that gap fill up at $360. The RSI is turning higher, too, and is still only at 64, so it seems possible for the stock to rise further.

tesla, tsla

Alibaba (BABA)

Alibaba is still trying to break out and rise above resistance at $201. The trend in the RSI suggests the stock continues to push higher.

alibaba, baba

Starbucks (SBUX)

Starbucks is trying to get above resistance at $87.25, failing on the first attempt. It seems like momentum has shifted to bullish from bearish, and the stock pushes higher from back to $91.40.

starbucks sbux

PayPal (PYPL) 

I noted today in a free article I thought PayPal was due to rise after seeing some bullish options betting. – PayPal’s Stock May Be Heading For A Year-End Rally

paypal, pypl

Apple (AAPL) 

Apple is trying to get over $268 resistance. If it can clear that level, then $276 would be next. If it does stumble, it seelms likely we retest $260.

apple, aapl

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