Stocks will look to fill the gap on December 10 from their big move higher following the jobs data last Friday.

Stocks Are Pointing To A Lower Opening on December 10, Filling The Gap

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DECEMBER 10, 2019




US Markets

  • S&P 500 Futures -10 points
  • US 10-year 1.81%
  • Dollar Index 97.50
  • VIX 16.47
  • Oil $58.65

International Markets

  • Japan -0.09%
  • HK -0.22%
  • China +0.10%
  • KOSPI +0.45%
  • Germany -1.35%
  • UK -0.86%

S&P 500 (SPY)

Stocks this morning are falling in the US with S&P 500 futures pointing to a 10 point drop. Certainly, nothing to worry about, and substantially filling the gap from Friday’s sharp move higher. Exactly as I expected to happen when I noted it yesterday in my midday commentary and last night’s write-up. Premium content – Stocks Gearing Up For Afternoon Drop

There is a downtrend that has formed, and that is the line I will be paying the most attention too at the moment. I don’t expect a pullback in the market to last for very long.

S&P 500, spy

Netflix (NFLX)

Netflix is falling today after a downgrade by Needham to underperform from hold. It seems they believe the company will lose 4 million subscribers US subscribers in 2020, due to competition from newer services. I find this to be a joke, to be honest. I have Prime, Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu, and I can honestly say that the other three services do not compare to Netflix, I actually also have Apple, but I have never even log-in because it was free. It is a joke; I find it highly unlikely anyone will cancel their Netflix to switch to any of these services only. They simple do not offer enough content to keep me in engaged. Sorry. $295 is support.

netflix, nflx


BofA is raising its price target to $145 for NXPI. If the stock can get over $121, it can move up to $127.

nxpi, nxp

Yesterday, I noted I was seeing bullish options betting Amazon and an improving technical chart. Premium content- Amazon Is Seeing Bullish Betting, Suggesting 7% Increase

amazon, amzn

Nvidia (NVDA)

Nvidia continues to fail at resistance at $212. $198 is next.

nvidia, nvda

Verizon (VZ)

Verizon is once again testing resistance at around $61. Again, this could lead to an increase to approximately $64 if it can ever break out.

verizon, vz


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