Stocks Continue To Inch Closer To A Global Break Out
Stocks are inching closer to a global break out, not just S&P 500 break out, but a global break out. Yes! Global.

Stocks Continue To Inch Closer To A Global Break Out

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October 25

Stock mentions: AMZN, V, INTC, NVDA, VZ



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US Markets

  • S&P 500 Futures +6 Points
  • US 10-Year 1.75%
  • VIX 13.73
  • Oil $56.19
  • Dollar Index 97.71

International Markets

  • Shanghai +0.48%
  • HSI -0.49%
  • KOSPI +0.11%
  • Nikkei +0.22%
  • FTSE -0.56%
  • DAX -0.16%

China is asking the US to remove tariffs in exchange for AG purchases. – Just remember this headline is already out, so if for some reason the market sells-off mid-day on a headline like this, it is old news.

Japan (EWJ)

Just look at the Nikkei go, it is nearing a break out that could send it back to highest prices since 2018. Can’t say its an all-time high, because that happened in 1989, and has never gotten back.

japan, nikkei

Germany (EWG)

The DAX is on the doorstep of a break out too.

DAX, germany

Do not underestimate what these two export economy stock markets are trying to tell you, and what they likely mean for the S&P 500. I talked about it today in this article I wrote for – Are Global Equity Markets About To Take A Dramatic Surge Higher?

All-World (ACWI)

I have had this chart tucked in my back for some time, waiting for the moment to throw it out there, that time is now. Just look at this chart of the ACWI ETF. It is knocking on the door of a significant breakout, and when Apple and Microsoft are the two most significant holdings, there is no way the S&P 500 is not going up if this ETF breaks out.


S&P 500 (SPY)

Anyway, S&P 500 resistance remains at 3014.

SPX, sp500

Amazon (AMZN)

Resistance is at $1703, watch for a test of resistance early, and potential for a retest of support at $1620 mid-day.

amazon, amzn

Visa (V)

Visa continues to deliver mid-teens earnings growth year after year. The stock trades at just 24 times fiscal 2020 earnings estimates? I have owned this stock since $44.70. There would be no e-commerce without Visa or Mastercard; I own both. I think the stock is fine and continues to work higher towards $189.

visa, v

Intel (INTC)

Intel is rising today after reporting good results; $ 53.60 is support and it likely on its way to $56.

intel, intc

Nvidia (NVDA)

Nvidia is nearing that big break out if it clears to $200. I think it goes to $218.

nvidia, nvda

Verizon (VZ)

Verizon feels like a coiled spring ready to push to prices not seen since 1999.

verizon. vz


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