Stocks Drop But Hold Key Levels Of Support In Odd Twist of Events
Stocks fell on February 7 despite strong jobs data in what seemed like a strange turn of events on what should have been a positive day.

Stocks Drop But Hold Key Levels Of Support In Odd Twist of Events

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FEBRUARY 8, 2020




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I was pretty drained by Thursday with all of the earnings that I cover and analysis I do for various websites and subscribers. I apologize for not sending any material out yesterday, but I needed a break. I was thinking of taking the weekend off, which as many of you know, it is infrequent I take a day off, but I am feeling a bit better today. So we can give it a go. 

Stocks had one of those strange days on Friday, where the strong BLS job report should have sent shares higher, but the data didn’t help. I noted to subscribers in the morning that the only thing I could think of that may have played into the lack of reaction was that perhaps the strong data would sap the odds of a rate cut later this year that the market had been starting to price in, however, that appears not to be the case. In fact, the CME group is showing the same 41% chance of a cut. 

Perhaps it was merely the effect of nervousness ahead of the weekend, in the middle of the coronavirus. Plus, it was coming off a big week with the S&P 500 up almost 4%. So profit-taking? It seems like a good chance that was the case.  Premium content – Stocks Decline Follow Jobs Report In Odd Turn Of Events

S&P 500 (SPY) 

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There are still some gaps to fill on the chart for the S&P 500, down at 3,300. However, the S&P 500 had a chance to fill that gap on Friday when it tested support a couple of times, and it managed to hold firm at 3,326. I think as long as the newsflow is quite over the weekend, we can see the market continue higher to start the week and push back to the highs around 3,340.

uber, uber

Yields moved lower as well on the 10-year, after the jobs too. 


The one interesting thing was the number of people that were unemployed increased this month. This could be to due the changes in the population totals in the household survey because the size of the overall population dropped as well.

Uber (UBER) 

Uber had a big day after reporting good results and giving a pretty rosy outlook for a path to profitability. At least for now, the bulls appear to be winning the argument, and the stock rose to resistance at $40.60. That was the price I was looking for and noted in the earnings preview story I wrote for Forbes. Uber’s Stock May Rise Following Results On Massive Volatility


Apple (AAPL) 

Apple’s stock for the first time is showing some of fatigue, with what appears to be a bearish divergence forming, noted by the declining RSI. Should the stock fall, it is likely to drop to around $311. However, the longer-term uptrend is still firmly in place, and I think that means that instead of the stock falling, it consolidates sideways. I also noted some bullish options betting an article published on Friday. Apple Traders Are Betting The Shares Will Continue To Surge

apple, aapl

Facebook (FB) 

Facebook has been struggling at resistance at $212, and I did see some big bearish bets placed on Facebook. I noted in this free article for Seeking Alpha on Thursday. I think the stock falls to $203, with a big chance it goes to around $191.Facebook Is Now An Aging Growth Story

facebook, fb

Microsoft (MSFT) 

Microsoft has been ripping lately, and I noted on two different days for premium subscribers some significant bullish options that suggest the stock keeps climbing, perhaps to as high as $200. Microsoft Rapid Update- Buyers BackWhy Microsoft Stock Still Has Further To Rise

microsoft, msft

Twitter (TWTR) 

Twitter did not go as expected; I had thought the stock would drop following the results, based on bearish betting. Clearly, that was wrong. The stock did fail at resistance on Thursday, around $39.25, and the gap from last quarter’s results is now filled. There is of course a new gap created which means shares could fall back to $34.35 in the weeks ahead. 

twitter, twtr

Have a good Saturday


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