Stocks May Continue To Climb In A Chase For Performance
Stocks continued to climb on November 26, and with active managers underperforming, a chase for performance may be taking place.

Stocks May Continue To Climb In A Chase For Performance

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The S&P 500 finished higher by 25 basis points to close at 3,141. It is hard to complain about anything when it comes to how the market has performed in 2019. I can’t think of many people that were calling for the S&P 500 to have this stunning rise this year.

S&P 500, spx

I may have been one of the few, saying on December 31, 2018, that the S&P 500 would finish the year at 3,000, a gain of 20% at the time. Then, I increased that view, perhaps by as early as March, maybe earlier, saying the S&P 500 could rise to 3,200 in 2019. I noted it at the beginning of April, for sure, and while we haven’t reached that magic number yet. Being less than 2% away is for all intents and purposes within a margin of error, especially since the S&P was nearly 10% lower at the beginning of April than its current level. 

I have tried to remain focused all year, with a long-term perspective in mind, and for the most part, it has helped me get through the year. If the year ended on November 25, I would find myself beating the S&P 500 total return index by more than 1% after accounting for fees and transaction costs. Unfortunately, the year isn’t over, and as we all know, one month in the market might as well be an eternity.

Still, there is one reason why the stock market may have even further to climb. Unperformance. Eureka Hedge tracks hedge funds, and based on their data through the end of October, their Hedge Fund Index, which tracks more than 2,500 funds, was up just 6.3%. That compares to an S&P 500 total return index that was up 23.6%. There are a lot of active managers out there that need to boost their returns and close the gap between themselves and the index. These managers are likely adding to some of the better-performing groups and stocks. It at very least will show that they were in the game, and perhaps it could help even to close some of the gap. It could be one reason why hot sectors stay hot through year-end. 

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 I talked more about this chase for performance in a premium story today. Breaking Down The Chase For Performance

Hey, we all have bad years, for me, 2016 continues to haunt me, a year that saw me underperform by a wide margin. Because it happened so young in my firm’s history, I have to work twice as hard to make up for it now. What can you do? It happens, its life. 

Perhaps I should hang it up for the rest of the year and go out on a high note. I have a feeling many of you would not be happy if I choose to do that, so I won’t, and we will continue forward. 



Alibaba is starting to move again, now that its HK listing is priced, $201 looks to be the next significant level to watch for.

alibaba, baba


Mastercard has had an impressive run and could be heading back to its highs at $295, and potentially higher. The RSI has broken free of a downtrend and suggests that the stocks rally may only be starting. I show you How I Use The RSI To Find Turning Points In Stocks, in the video.

ma, mastercard


Amazon is very close to a break out at $1800, and the RSI is turning higher too. Layer in some bullish options betting, and the stock looks like it may ready to climb back to $1900. I explain it all in this free article Amazon: The Bull Is Back

amazon, amzn


Starbucks looks like a stock that wants to go higher, based on that RSI. The next level to watch for is $87.25

starbucks, sbux


Microsoft has hit our $152.90 target or thereabout. The question is, what now? Put it on my lists of things to do.

microsoft, msft

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