Stocks Remain Resilient And Likely Just Keep Moving Higher
Space X Launch of Falcon 9 carrying Hispasat for Spain. March 6, 2018

Stocks Remain Resilient And Likely Just Keep Moving Higher

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FEBRUARY 18, 2020





S&P 500 (SPY)

Stocks fell today as expected, but the S&P 500 managed to fall less than 30 basis points to finish lower at 3,370. The SPX managed to drop to around 3,355, and it found a bounce eventually climbing back to 3,375, not entirely closing the gap, but pretty close.

It means that the trend for the market hasn’t changed, and I noted this morning in the audio update; I think it means we keep grindin’ higher! Premium content – Morning Commentary 2.18.20
S&P 500 spx

ES Minis

The futures climbed to a high of 3,379 tonight at 7 PM, but then turned lower. So this appears to be the region to watch for now.

S&P 500, futures

Biotech (XBI)

The biotechs are running higher, and they are nearing a pretty big break out at $98, potentially pushing the ETF higher towards $101.

xbi, biotech

Netflix (NFLX)

I noted today in the midday update that Netflix was breaking out, and we needed to close above $385, and we did. The next level could be that all-time high. I hear no one mention how this stock is up over 50% just since the end of September. The market is telling you loud and clear what thinks about the coming competition. What competition!? Premium content- STOCKS HOLDING THEIR OWN

netflix, nflx

Pinterest (PINS)

A member asked me to take a look at Pinterest. I have never looked at this one before, so I’ll give it my best shot. The stock failed at resistance around $27, and proceed to fill a post-earnings gap lower. Now the stock sits on an uptrend, and typically once a gap is filled, it follows the previous trend; in this case, the long-term trend has been lower. So I think it heads lower still towards $21.50.

pins, pinterest

Alibaba (BABA)

Alibaba is one sturdy stock that holds the line, and I think it is getting ready to make that jump back to $230.


Skyworks (SWKS)

How bad could the Apple news be when Skyworks falls by just 2%. This has gaps to fill all over the place; i’m still looking for that one up at $128.

sykworks, swsks

Apple (AAPL)

Apple was strong today, and it seemed like a typical day for the stock. It found support around $311 and never looked back. Why can’t it fill the gap up at $325? It seems reasonable. I talked more about in this article for Forbes tonight – Apple’s Stock May Not Stay Down For Long Despite Its Sales Warnings

apple, aapl

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