Tech Stocks Slammed As Algo’s Run Wild

The technology sector started off quiet, then around 12 p, a program came in and the Algo’s appeared to take over bringing the sector down pretty hard. The Technology ETF (XLK) was down around 1.6 percent on the day.

Algo’s Take ’em Down

In the chart below we can see how the stocks all began moving around 12 pm, and how all they seemed to trace out very similar patterns into the end of the day.
Technology Stocks Sell off on Algo's runamuck

AMZN Price data by YCharts

Today’s move lower took us back to the June 9 sell-off lows. Setting up a critical support level.

Technology XLK Intraday chart

What To Watch For

It will be important to see how the sector recovers in the morning or if the selling continues.  It could be a case of filling the gap from June 19.

Today’s selling seemed methodical, with a get  ’em done by the end of day feel.

July 4th

Remember with next week being a holiday week liquidity in the market will become an issue as the week draws to a close.

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