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Verizon Buys CBS and Viacom In 2018- Prediction #3

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Verizon Buys CBS and Viacom In 2018- Prediction #3

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There is no doubt that Netflix ($NFLX) is reshaping the media landscape in a way that is far more severe than many may have ever thought.  As the company continues to drive subscriber growth, that has now eclipsed 100 million global users and spending $8 billion in original content creation, it is forcing the media giants to rethink the way they do business. It takes us to our third predictions for 2018: Verizon Takes The Plunge Into Content, Buying CBS and Viacom

Shifting Media Landscape

Netflix’s massive spend on content in 2017, has caused companies such as Disney ($DIS) to finally severe ties with the streaming media giant, forcing Disney to create its own direct to the consumer product. Also in an attempt to strengthen it’s content library, acquire assets from Fox for over $50 billion. This is likely just the start of a wave of consolidation in the media space.

Prediction #3 – Verizon Plunges Into Content Buying CBS and Viacom

Prediction 3- Could 2018 be the year Verizon ($VZ) follows AT&T ($T) lead? Perhaps.  In an attempt to catch up to AT&T’s and its bid to buy Time Warner ($TWX). Verizon could throw its hat into the ring and go after CBS ($CBS) and Viacom ($VIA) in 2018. A move like this could bring CBS and Viacom back together, and put Verizon squarely in the middle of the direct to the consumer experience, riding on the backbone of its FiOS product and the rollout of its 5G wireless network. It seems crazy,  for sure, and a wild prediction. It could come at a valuation equal to that of what Disney paid for Fox assets, at roughly $50 billion for both CBS and Viacom, giving a 40 percent premium to the two companies combined market caps of about $36 billion.

verizon cbs viacom prediction 2018

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FOXA Market Cap data by YCharts

Anything Could Happen

There is no doubt that that media landscape is shifting very quickly, and when things move fast, anything could happen.

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