5 Monster Biotech Breakouts, Plus Intel, Texas Instruments, and Amazon

5 Monster Biotech Breakouts, Plus Intel, Texas Instruments, and Amazon

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5 Monster Biotech Breakouts, Plus Intel, Texas Instruments, and Amazon


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A bit of bore today with the S&P 500 going nowhere. Fine by me, as we can use a couple of days of consolidation.  Again, the bullish narrative for stocks remains unchanged.



Biotech IBB ETF is getting closer to that breakout, inching closer to $120.



Celgene is continuing its road to recovering and is once again tracking towards $97. That RSI continue to trend nicely higher as well.



Gilead had a setback, but stopped falling at support around $72.50. Now it likely makes its second attempt at rising to $82.50.



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Regeneron is making its second attempt at breaking out and rising above $393.50. It may be on its way to $430.



Nektar looks to be on its way to $70. Maybe $83 and a gap fill? Let’s see if it get to $70 first.



Incyte looks like it close to break out, that could send it back to $80.



Intel is working hard trying to break out, but I think it may be too soon to say shares have. I think it needs to clear $51 before it is out of the woods.



Texas Instruments does look rather strong here. A push to $121 appears to be on the way.

texas instruments


Amazon is still struggling at the upper end of the trading wedge. Still not out of the danger zone yet. Look at that RSI though, lower highs,  bearish divergence? Perhaps.


Sorry it was so technical analysis heavy today, but way to hot here in NY and I’m feeling a bit lazy today.


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