Amazon’s (AMZN) Potential Value

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Over the past 10-year Amazon (AMZN) has been able to grow its revenue by over 1000 percent, while its stock price has increased by over 1,300 percent. Over the trailing twelve months (TTM), AMZN has grown its revenue to around $142 billion, and its stock price has soared to just under $1000 per share.
AMZN Chart

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Growth as Percent
AMZN Chart

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Meanwhile, analyst estimates for revenue have been rising as well. With revenue estimates rising to around $238 billion in 2019.

Analyst Estimates
AMZN Chart

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While the stock trades at 3, 5, & 7-year average Price-to-Sales ratio of 2.43, 2.28, and 2.26 respectively.
AMZN Chart

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Based on a 2019 revenue of $238 billion, and a PS ratio of roughly 2.35, AMZN could be worth nearly $545 billion.
AMZN Market Cap Chart

N Market Cap data by YCharts

Based on 490 million diluted shares outstanding, the stock could be worth nearly $1,115 per share.
AMZN Average Diluted Shares Outstanding (Quarterly) Chart

AMZN Average Diluted Shares Outstanding (Quarterly) data by YCharts

AMZN Growth Potential

However, it is entirely possible that those estimates for revenue growth are too low. The chart below shows the plots and forecast based on historical revenue growth.

Amazon Revenue Growth and Forecast

The forecasted revenue projects growth to exceed $275 million in 2019. Plotted against analyst estimates.

Amazon Revenue Growth and Analyst Estimates

At around $275 billion in 2019 revenue, AMZN market cap at 2.35 times sales, could approach $646 billion or roughly $1320 per share.



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