Apple, Tech, and Financials Continue To Move Up

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Apple (AAPL) easily beat analyst estimate when it reported results tonight, and to no surprise, the stock pop by over 6 percent, and the rest of the supply chain went right with it. Cirrus Logic (CRUS), Qorvo (QRVO), Skyworks Solutions (SWKS), and Broadcom (AVGO), all jumped from 1.5 to 5 percent.
AAPL Price Chart

AAPL Price data by YCharts

The better than expected guidance brings a sense of relief to those investors believing that Apple may have delayed the launch of the new iPhone 8.

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Tech Sector

It wasn’t just the Apple suppliers that jumped with Apple, it was the whole tech sector that popped, with even the Technology Select Sector SPDR (XLK) jumping by over 1.5 percent following results.
XLK Price Chart

XLK Price data by YCharts

Believe it or not, even with the XLK’s run, it has still not surpassed the highs seen in March of 2000, when it reached, nearly $65.
XLK Chart Tech

XLK data by YCharts

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Pretty amazing stuff.
XLK tech Chart

XLK data by YCharts

Also, notice the difference in volume, in the ETF over the years, how it has been steadily growing from near non-existent levels back in the day.

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In the chart above we can that the Financials continue to advance higher, up by over 80 bps, versus an S&P 500 that was up only 25 bps. The XLF continues to gain solid traction, and grind higher after filling the gap, late last week.  On the following chart, it is clear that the XLF passed the last level of resistance on the near-term chart, and is likely on its way higher from current levels.
XLF Chart

XLF data by YCharts

Now, that hurdle has been cleared; the ETF has a path to reach levels last seen in 2007-2008, around $30.
XLF Chart

XLF data by YCharts


If you feel like you aren’t making more money in recent years, it is likely because you aren’t.

Personal Income

And if you are worried about inflation, you likely should not be.

Personal Consumption

If you look at the circle,  it would appear to be a triple top formation on the chart, a technical analyst indicator, which is bearish on inflation, indicating that inflation is likely to fall further.

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