There Something About Thursday, Plus Retail Meltdown

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Something About Thursday

There must be something about Thursday; maybe all the traders are starting their weekend’s early these final weeks in August. Closing out their positions, and with liquidity lacking,  the markets just whip’s around. Wasn’t its just last Thursday this same thing happened? Yeah, it was.

Since the middle of May, there have been sell-off in the NASDAQ of 1 percent or more seven times, four of the seven have been on Thursday, with only one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and one on Friday. Interesting four sure (get it), does it mean anything, let’s see what next Thursday brings, I’m taking off though!

7/6/17                                     6,089.46 -1.00% Thursday
6/29/17                                     6,144.35 -1.44% Thursday
6/27/17                                     6,146.62 -1.61% Tuesday
6/9/17                                     6,207.92 -1.80% Friday
8/17/17                                     6,221.91 -1.94% Thursday
8/10/17                                     6,216.87 -2.13% Thursday
5/17/17                                     6,011.24 -2.57% Wed

Retail Apocalypse

Moving on to the series covering the decline of Retailers and Department stores, which is likely not to stop anytime soon. The reason, the model is broken. What is happening right now in retail, is starting to happen in media, except retail is a few years ahead at this point.

Next time you go to the Mall, go into a department store, one of the big ones, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s whichever you’d like. Pay attention to the brands they sell, and then walk around the Mall, keep track of how many of those brands have their own stores within the same Mall. From my experience, most of the brands in the department stores have their very own store. Then when you go home, see how many brands you can buy directly online from the brand, my guess the majority of the brands. So I ask you why does anyone ever need to shop in a department store? It isn’t that Amazon is doing this, the designers are doing this, they go straight to the consumer, the designers are cutting out the middlemen, and in the process, they are killing the department stores.

Tomorrow, the best way to play the decline of the department stores…

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How To Play The Retail Apocalypse

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