Stocks Are Filling Gaps On November 3 But Heading For A Trend Reversal
Man found solution in difficult situation, pushing a huge boulder to fill the gap obstacle. Using rock, cover the abyss hole and reach other side of the cliff. Mission accomplishment, overcome concept

Stocks Are Filling Gaps On November 3 But Heading For A Trend Reversal

November 3, 2020

Stocks – PYPL, SQ, DOCU, ZM

Macro – EWG, SPY

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Stocks are rising to start the day on November 3, with the SPY ETF up 1.15% and the NASDAQ 100 ETF up around 50 bps. The strength seems to be coming out of Europe, with the German DAX index up nearly 1.8%. But it seems that the DAX is merely filling a gap from last week, rising to around 12,000. Now that the gap is filled, it should revert to the previous lower trend.

Germany (EWG)

This price action suggests the rally we have seen the last two days appears to be more of a bounce instead of the start of a rally.

At this point, the S&P 500 (SPY) is rising above $332, which serves as resistance, and is now starting the refilling process of a gap from October 27. We will have to see if the entire gap gets filled or not, but at this point, a move up to $338 would not seem unreasonable. If that is the case, then we should expect that the S&P 500 to then reverse and begin to follow its previous trend, which is lower.

PayPal (PYPL)

PayPal is trading lower today after providing earnings guidance that came in below consensus, and that is never a good sign for a stock that trades with a big multiple. It usually results in a lower stock price, which is exactly what is happening with shares falling about 5%. As long as it stays above $172, it should be fine. If it falls below $172, then real problems start because a decline below $165 confirms a double top pattern, which will lead to a drawdown in the shares.

Square (SQ)

Square is falling a little following PayPal’s results and will report later this week. The stock has managed to hold on to support at $150. A break below $150 sets up a drop to around $133.

DocuSign (DOCU)

DocuSign continues to trend lower with key support at $188. I still think this one is heading even lower and will break support at $188.

Zoom (ZM)

Finally, Zoom has been in decline as well, with the stock likely to continue to trend lower towards $408.

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