Tech Test Monday’s Low’s, Tesla Is The Litmus Test

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Tech Re-Test

Tech (XLK) sold off again but seemed to continue to find support on our trend line traced out on the previous commentary.

Daily Chart of the Tech XLK

When we look closer we can see on the hourly chart as well.

XLK 5 minute chart


We can also see how the XLK test and the lows from Monday morning and was able to bounce.

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Flattening Yield Curve, No inflation No Duh! 

We show you how we break down and the read the markets.

The Litmus Test

Tesla (TSLA) will continue to be our litmus test as to the mood of the market, as there is no other stock that has shown the strength and resolve of Tesla thus in 2017.

We can see once again that the Bulls stepped in a held shares up.

Tesla 15 minute chart

Actually taking the stock up into the close. It continues to show that despite the weakness shown in Tech there is very much a risk-on mentality still embedded within the market.

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