The Week Ahead: Disney, NVIDIA, SNAP, & Macy’s

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The Week Ahead: August 7

Earnings this week will begin to taper down with Disney (DIS), NVIDIA (NVDA), and Snap (SNAP), headlining, with the retailers coming in towards the end of the week. Last quarter was disastrous for most of the retailers with this quarter not expected to be much better.

Earnings Calender 8.10


For Macy’s revenue estimates for this current quarter have been trending lower for some time, and the company has had a mixed bag when it comes to hitting estimates.  Analysts estimate that fiscal second quarter results declined by nearly 15 percent to $0.46, while revenue fell almost 6 percent to $5.515 billion.

Macys Estimates

(Chart provided by YCharts)


Nvidia (NVDA) shares are up by nearly 188 percent over the past 52-weeks, and expectations could not be higher going into this week’s results. Analysts estimate the fiscal second quarter EPS grew by nearly 53 percent to $0.81, while revenue increased by almost 38 percent to $1.962 billion.  The revenue estimates going into this quarter have been steadily rising through the year. The company’s ability to beat those estimates time and time again, mean an inline will not be good enough. There will need to be a solid beat and raise.

NVDA Estimats

(Chart provided by YCharts)

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For Disney, there has been so much talk about ESPN and cable subscriber losses; it means it is time for Disney to change the narrative. Analysts estimate fiscal third quarter EPS declined by roughly 4 percent to $1.55, while revenue grew by only 1 percent. Revenue estimates have fallen significantly going into this quarterly report, and the focus on subscribers is now a two-year old story.


The focus on Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, has recently been on the lockup expiration that took place at the end of July. Shares of the stock are down significantly from its IPO price of $17, and the company will need to deliver solid growth this quarter if it hopes to get back to $17.  There will need to a significant rise in Daily Active Users and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) to get investor excited again.

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