10 stock market predictions for 2018

10 Monster Stock Market Predictions for 2018

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10 Monster Stock Market Predictions for 2018

2017 is over, and now as we turn towards 2018, I present to you a list of 10 stock market predictions for 2018. Some of the predictions are more probable than others, but what would be the fun of making predictable predictions? You can read the predictions for 2016, and 2017 if you’d like as well.

This year, two of our predictions, ironically numbers 1 and 10, both got picked-up by some prominent publications, most notably MarketWatch.com and Cheddar.tv, which you can read below.

Here is a summary of the 10-Monster Prediction below with links. Enjoy.

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10 Stock Market Predictions for 2018


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10. Tesla’s Stock Price Could Nearly Double In 2018

It comes down to revenue growth, and if Tesla delivers’s in 2018 and revenue grows to the consensus estimates of $27 billion than Tesla stock price could double.

9. US Real GDP Will Grow at 4% or More In 2018

The US economy has now posted two straight quarters of 3 percent growth, and consumer sentiment remains very strong. Corporate tax cuts will likely trickle throughout the economy helping to boost growth.

8. Why The FANG’s Will Lead Stocks Higher In 2018

The “FANG’s” represent the growth part of the market and let’s face it, if these companies aren’t growing then the economy isn’t growing. Therefore, I would expect the FANG’s to be among the best performers again in 2018.

7. Oil will rise to roughly $75 per barrel in 2018, a rise of just over 30 percent.

Oil is the verge of a major breakout and is now trading above $60 for the first time in over two years. If Oil crosses over $61.50 there is a good chance it could head towards $75.

6. Inflation will increase to 3 percent in 2018 on a year-over-year basis on the Consumer Price Index.

Oil is a huge part of the consumer price index and producer price index, and if Oil prices are rising, then it will pressure inflation higher as well.

5. 10-Year Yields rise to 3 percent.

Again if Oil is rising, and inflation is rising than yields are rising. It is a correlation that is likely not to change in 2018.

4. Biotech Stocks Will Be Best Performing Sector In 2018

Biotech stocks have been among the worse performing groups over the past 2-years. Although 2017 was better than previous years, 2018 is likely to be even better. With cash coming back from overseas, through repatriation, a new wave of M&A could spark a biotech frenzy.

3. Verizon Buys CBS and Viacom In 2018

The media landscape is changing quickly, and Verizon needs to make a move to stay relevant and take advantage of vertical integration. CBS and Viacom would give Verizon a sizeable library of content, and make Verizon a force in media.

2. Apple Buys Netflix For $110 Billion In 2018

Apple could have bought Netflix years ago, at much lower prices. But with the media landscape changing so quickly this may be Apple’s last chance to get on the content playing field

  1. The S&P 500 Will Rise By More Than 15% to 3,100 In 2018

It comes down to earnings growth and an average earnings multiples. It is that easy.

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Here comes another nosebleed call for the S&P 500 – it’s all about earnings

It’s the last day of trading of the year and stocks look set to close things out with a bang. Our call of the day offers up one more bullish view on the S&P 500 and why it could fly higher in 2018.

If you love Amazon, then this high-flying stock could be a sure bet for 2018

By Nothing gets investors more excited than taxes these days. Except maybe for bitcoin, which has past $11,000 as we speak. Back on the ground, Wall Street stocks look to be gearing up for records as optimism over a Republican tax plan grows.

Seeking Alpha

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